Reliable Live Streaming for Your Events

Eliminate the complexities of live broadcasting with our intuitive platform and responsive video player. Go live anywhere, anytime. Experience smooth streaming, no interruptions!

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Live Streaming effortlessly

With our intuitive platform, go live in minutes and broadcast to the world.

  • Easy, High-Quality Streaming – Launch your broadcast effortlessly, ensuring every frame is crystal clear. Perfect for both beginners and pros
  • RTMP Input – Push your broadcasts effortlessly using RTMP inputs. Perfectly compatible with OBS and other major streaming sources.
  • Reach everyone, everywhere – With our globally distributed delivery network (CDN), your content is accessible across devices and geographies.
  • Adaptive Playback – Deliver the best viewing experience. Our adaptive playback ensures smooth streaming, regardless of device or connection

Automatic Recording

Never miss a moment. Our platform automatically records your live streams for playback anytime, anywhere.

  • Always On Recording – Never miss a beat. Every live stream is automatically captured, ensuring you have a record of every moment.
  • Protected Playback – Our built-in DRM protection ensures that your recordings are secure from unauthorized access and distribution.
  • Effortless Organization – Manage with ease. Organize your videos effectively with our intuitive content management system, making content retrieval and categorization a breeze.

Player & Chat: Embed with Ease

Seamlessly Integrate Live Streaming & Conversations Into Your Platform

  • Embeddable Player – Easily integrate our powerful player into your website or platform with a simple embed code
  • Integrated Live Chat – Foster real-time engagement. Alongside video playback, seamlessly embed live chat for an interactive viewer experience
  • Adaptive Playback – Guarantee the best viewer experience. Our player adapts to different devices and connection speeds, ensuring smooth streaming every time

Developer API: Power Your Streaming Platform

Unlock the full potential of live streaming with our robust Developer API

  • Stream Control APIs – Seamlessly start and stop live streams with our robust APIs. Manage and list events to keep track of your broadcasts.
  • Embed & Playback Integration – Retrieve the embed code and playback URL with ease. Integrate video playback seamlessly into any platform or website.
  • Mobile SDKs for All – Develop on the go. With SDKs tailored for Android, iOS, Flutter, and React Native, ensure your app delivers top-notch streaming experiences on any device.

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