• Forum IAS is a leading test preparation platform for highly competitive civil service examinations in India. About 1 million students have benefited through Forum IAS.
  • Forum IAS needed a robust platform to serve its video content securely and cost-effectively.
  • After switching to TPStreams, none of their new videos got leaked in Telegram and their course enrolment ratio got increased by 20%

The Story of Forum IAS

ForumIAS was founded in 2012 as an online collaborative community for Civil Services Preparation. In the past 10 years, it has produced Rank 1 in Civil Services Examination, in Indian Forest Services Examination ( 3 times ! ), and in Bihar State PCS. Today, more than 4000 ForumIAS Community Members and Academy Students serve the nation within the country and in her missions abroad. Forum IAS Provides both offline and online courses for UPSC Exam preparation. Forum IAS’s Flagship program MGP(Mains Guidance Program) is the most sought-after UPSC aspirant. 

The Challenge Forum IAS Faced

  • Despite being Vimeo’s Enterprise customer, No proper support or point of contact with Vimeo. 
  • Often their valuable course videos got leaked in Telegram.

Why Forum IAS Chose TPStreams

  • ForumIAS was looking for a secured video hosting platform alternative to Vimeo.
  • They were considering other vendor and TPStreams for hosting their videos. 
  • TPStreams has an inbuilt DRM solution whereas, for other vendor, Forum IAS has to buy third-party DRM and integrate with other vendor. This would lead to more cost and delayed deployment. 
  • Also, the ease of use of Live class and uploading videos is more simple with TPStreams.

How TPStreams Responded?

  • ForumIAS had about 10000s Videos on the previous platform. Migration was a bigger task for the developer Team. 
  • TPStream’s inbuilt Video Migrator has helped ForumIAS move the entire library from the previous solution to Testpress in just 24 hours. An excel sheet with Vimeo Video’s equivalent video ID / Embed code is provided to ForumIAS in an excel sheet. This made the job much easier for their development team and migration was more simple for them. 
  • The customer feels that they have a person to connect with when they have any query
  • Video processing and upload speed with TPStreams is faster than the previous solution. 

The Results

  • After migrating to TPStreams, they see no new videos got leaked in Telegram.
  • Due to TPStream’s intelligent per-title transcoding algorithm, bandwidth usage of students and Forum IAS got reduced by about 40%.

“Partnering with TPStreams greatly helped us serve encrypted EdTech video content device-agnostically by integrating cutting-edge per-title technology. 

Leveraging this not only helped embed and serve our voluminous data across platforms in a secure environment but also tremendously reduced our time-to-market and associated costs.”

Shantanu Apurva, Chief Operating Officer, Forum IAS