• Skill nation is an online platform that teaches modern-age skills directly from Industry Experts.
  • Skillnation saw a seamless way to manage their videos in TPStreams.
  • After migrating to TPStreams, their operations and workload got reduced significantly. This resulted in their team focussing their efforts on other aspects of their business.

The Story of Skillnation

  • Skillnation Is an online platform that teaches modern-age skills directly from Industry Experts.
  • They help advance the career of people with their certified workshops.
  • Their online workshops are an excellent way for students to learn the most in-demand skills from industry experts.
  • They’ve helped over 200000 students advance their careers. The rating of their workshops from students is 9.3 on average.

The Challenge Skill Nation Faced

  • Skillnation was using Vimeo to host their videos for hosting their learning videos.
  • Poor support from Vimeo and a lack of easy options to upgrade their bandwidth affected their delivery of videos.

Why Skill Nation Chose TPStreams

  • We had outreached Virat from Skillnation.
  • He felt very comfortable with the trial version of TPStreams.
  • He uploaded two videos in TPStreams and embedded the same in their application.
  • He realized that the video playback was smooth and the feedback was great.
  • Hence decided to proceed with using TPStreams for the web application.

How TPStreams responded?

  • Skillnation had about 1000s Videos on Vimeo. Migration was a bigger task for the developer team. 
  • TPStream’s inbuilt automated video migrator from Vimeo helped Skillnation to move the entire library from Vimeo to TPStreams in just 24 hours. 
  • An excel sheet with Vimeo Video’s equivalent video ID / Embed code was provided to Skillnation in an excel sheet. 
  • This made the job much easier for their development team and migration was more simple for them. 

The Results

  • With TPStreams, their delivery was smooth with proper customer support.
  • They also had considerable savings in cost due to the superior transcoding of their videos by TPStreams. 

“We switched to TPStreams from Vimeo because of the many features and options that TPStreams offers. The user interface is much more intuitive and easy to navigate, making it easier for us to manage our content. The streaming quality is also much better than Vimeo, providing us viewers with a much smoother viewing experience. We were also able to secure our videos using DRM, which was something Vimeo didn’t have. Overall, Skillnation is very happy with their choice of TPStreams as our streaming platform!”

  • Virat Sharma, Sr. Web Developer, Skillnation