• Vidyakul is an online marketplace, which provides a platform to educators to create online courses and students to gain quality education at affordable prices.
  • Vidyakul believed that with TPStreams, they could deliver the videos securely at an affordable price. 
  • After migrating to TPStreams, the cost of video delivery was reduced by about 60%, and the video viewing experience for students has been considerably increased due to player customization.

The Story of Vidyakul

  • Vidyakul operates in the education sector and is dedicated to addressing the educational challenges faced by state-board students.
  • Vidyakul believes that the quality of education received by the state board students is far behind the CBSE students because of language mismatch in the school and online learning.
  • Vidyakul is India’s first vernacular e-learning platform that aims to make education more accessible in tier-II, and III cities. 
  • They offer live lectures and pre-recorded courses (from Class 9th- 12th in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, and Hinglish) to help state board students to learn academics.
  • They’ve helped over 100000 students pass the board and entrance exams.

The Challenge Vidyakul Faced

  • Vidyakul provides online learning to students through their mobile application. 
  • Students can access assessments, notes, and live and recorded lectures through the mobile applications
  • Recorded video lectures were DRM protected and delivered with the help of another streaming solution. 
  • The video streaming solution lacked the flexibility of customization options for the video player.
  • The solution incurred higher costs, impacting its overall affordability.

Why Vidyakul Chose TPStreams

  • We have outreached Vidyakul’s Team, Raman Kumar (CTO). 
  • After a few meetings, The team decided to upload a few videos in TPStreams and integrate the video into their application. 
  • Upon implementation, they observed that the video playback was seamless, and they received positive feedback from the students regarding their experience.
  • Therefore, they decided to adopt TPStreams for their mobile application.

How TPStreams responded?

  • With TPStream’s granular APIs for video playback, Vidyakul was able to effortlessly customize the video playback experience using ExoPlayer.
  • This flexibility allowed them to tailor the video player according to their specific requirements and enhance the overall user experience.
  • TPStreams helped Vidyakul migrate 20k+ videos in less than a week’s time. 

The Results

  • With TPStreams, their delivery was smooth with proper customer support.
  • Vidyakul could improve the student’s experience with the customized video player. 
  • Along with this, Vidyakul could save about 60% of the cost without compromising the security of the videos. 

“We chose to switch to TPStreams from another solution provider due to the customizable playback options they offer. Their APIs were easy to understand and took us less than a week to integrate and migrate. Additionally, the cost-benefit provided by TPStreams was incredibly helpful and significantly reduced our expenses”

– Raman Kumar, CTO, Vidyakul Learning Space