About Namstedev.com

  • Namaste Dev equips aspiring developers with the skills they need through comprehensive online JavaScript courses.
  • Fostering a thriving Discord community of over 50,000, they leverage engaging video lectures and prioritize accessibility to empower students on their coding journey.

Challenge of Subtitles Generation for the course videos

  • Namstedev provides engaging online videos for their course subscribers.
  • To deliver this engaging learning experience, NamasteDev relies heavily on high-quality video lectures.
  • However, manually creating subtitles for their video lectures was a significant time drain, hindering content production.
  • While they leveraged TPStreams, their existing video streaming platform, for video hosting, subtitle generation options were limited earlier.

TPStreams’s AI based subtitle generation

  • Recognizing this need, TPStreams recently launched an add-on feature for automatic subtitle generation.
  • This new feature integrates seamlessly with NamasteDev’s workflow.
  • With a single click, NamasteDev can now generate subtitles for an hour-long video in just 10 minutes, eliminating the need for separate subtitle creation tools or manual uploads.

The Impact

  • TPStreams’ effortless subtitle generation has significantly improved NamasteDev’s content creation process. They’ve been able to add subtitles for all the videos they create.
  • More importantly, NamasteDev has observed a dramatic increase in video engagement by over 30% since adopting TPStreams’ automatic subtitle generation.
  • Subtitles enhance accessibility for students with hearing impairments and cater to learners who prefer to watch videos with captions.
  • This inclusive approach has demonstrably improved the overall learning experience for NamasteDev’s students.

“TPStreams has helped us to generate subtitles for hundreds of hours of our video library in just a few hours with 100% accuracy. We can also add subtitles for all our new contents seamlessly without any extra work at our side” 

Akshay Saini, Founder of NamasteDev